Nicaragua: La Huella Natural - 12 oz


Nicaragua: La Huella Natural - 12 oz


We’re thrilled to bring a Nicaragua back into our lineup this year, our first in several years. This new partnership with Fincas Mierisch shows great promise. The Mierisch family has been at it since 1908, and lately has gained a great reputation in specialty coffee for their attention detail in growing excellent microlots. Ths naturally processed lot, on one of their newer farms, is no exception. Super clean, and bursting with “fruit bomb” flavor, it’s a great reminder of what Nicaraguan microlot coffee can be, even in the face of huge challenges to that country’s coffee production.

We taste: Black cherry, raspberry, and juicy panela.

Single Origin Details:

  • Producer: Laguna Verde Community

  • Region: Matagalpa

  • Process: Natural

  • Variety: Javanica, Red & Yellow Pacamara, Red Catuai, Ethiosar

  • Harvest: Dec 16-Feb 17

  • Elevation: 1330-1350 MASL

Bag size: 12oz

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