Mexico: El Cipresal Natural - 12 oz


Mexico: El Cipresal Natural - 12 oz


Mexico is an origin that faces an uphill battle, and one that we especially like to champion for its continued growth and potential in spite of the odds against it. This particular coffee represents the great work of the CESMACH co-op in highlighting and supporting the large number of women producers in their area of Chiapas. Many of these women are running their farms and families single-handedly, and doing phenomenal work with the coffees. This program pays a premium for coffees coming through the women in the program, and highlights the great work they’re doing so that they can continue into the future. This wonderful naturally processed coffee continues Quills’ tradition of featuring these heavy, deeply fruited coffees from Mexico.

We taste: Banana, dark chocolate, blueberry, floral.

Single-Origin Details:

  • Producer: Emperatriz Garcia, Finca El Cipresal

  • Region: Nueva Colombia, Chiapas

  • Process: Natural

  • Varietal: Typica and Bourbon 

  • Harvest: Nov 16-Jan 17

  • Elevation: 1561 MASL

Bag size: 12 oz

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