Job Listing: Head Roaster at Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee: Head Roaster

The primary responsibility of the Head Roaster is to ensure all coffees are properly roasted according to each week’s production schedule. The Head Roastery works in conjunction with the Director of Coffee and other roastery team members to roast and blend Quills’ current coffee lineups, maintain a highly effective and efficient roastery and uphold high level quality control.

Work Hours: 40 hours per week following the Quills Roastery Production schedule. Any adjustments to the schedule must be authorized by the Director of Coffee. Most work is expected to take place in the roastery, the coffee lab and/or cafes.

Key Competencies

● Uphold and model all company values as listed in the employee handbook.
● Be passionate about all things coffee.
● Be enthusiastic about educating people on how to best brew and experience our coffee.
● Genuinely open minded to the interplay between objective quality and subjective preference
● A forward thinker
● Intermediate computer skills, along with the ability to create and navigate spreadsheets.
● Master all aspects of the Quills Barista training program related to espresso and coffee brewing, extraction and practices for best flavor.
● Strategic and creative thinking regarding sales and marketing systems at Quills, both in retail and sales partnerships.
● The ability to work well with teams.
● The ability to lift 50-150 pound bags of coffee.


Accountable for the following duties:

Coffee Production

● Roasting blend components and single origin offerings to the specs curated in collaboration with DOC and roasting team. Specs/profiles to be logged in Cropster.
● Become one of the primary point persons for Cropster (Cropster is the data collection software we use for production roasting). Will learn the Cropster software and collaborate with DOC on best practices, and also work with Operations Manager to update/create guidelines and training materials as needed.
● Provide feedback to the DOC on how roast profiles are performing and give regular reports on any batches varying from set deviations QC standards.
● Attend and participate in weekly cuppings. Provide collaborative feedback according to the systems set in place by DOC to inform our QC (Cropster) data trail.
● Train new production roasters on Quills' roasting practices
● Coordinate receiving green deliveries with DOC, then unloading Green Coffee deliveries, with assistance from the roastery team.
● Providing feedback at the cupping table according to the systems set in place by DOC to inform our QC data trail.
● Assist DOC on sample roasting if necessary, to ensure samples are cupped as scheduled, as it affects the timelines of green coffee purchases.
● Daily check in with the DOC and Production Manager to determine the highest priority of work for the day, follow up from previous days production and sample roasts.
● Responsible for maintaining a growth-plan for the roasting operation; growth procedures related to the scaling of roastery ie: efficiency, overall production output, ergonomics, etc.
● Troubleshooting issues and errors with roasting hardware or software. Roastery Management
● Work with the Operations Team to create and maintain standard operating procedures for 1) maintenance 2) safety and 3) cleaning the roastery and machines. SOPs must be authorized by DOC, Operations Manager and Coffee Tech.
● Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning, maintenance, etc. per SOPs.
● Collaborate with Operations Manager on updating/creating and maintaining practices that adhere to OSHA standards for safety and personal preservation.

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