El Salvador | Las Delicias Peach

El Salvador | Las Delicias Peach

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This relationship coffee is very special. We first started purchasing directly from the Menendez Family in El Salvador six years ago, and every year at harvest time we await with anticipation what the next season will bring from. We’ve brought in coffees from their farm Las Delicias before, but never the two varieties of coffees we will be bringing in from them this year. The first of these two coffees, in our opinion, might be one of the best coffees we will roast all year long.

The Peach coffee is an exotic varietal found on the farm, Buena Vista. Sometime during the 1950s, there was a landslide on the farm. One tree slid all the way to the bottom of a ditch, and it survived there until one of the workers noticed it, and that the coffee cherries smell like fresh peaches. With that curiosity, the Menendez family picked the cherries for replanting at the top of Las Delicias to see how the coffee would cup. The coffee turned out to be exceptional, with a peach note on the cupping table. With this confirmed, they planted a small plot of land with more seeds, and today now have enough trees for an offering of Peach coffee. Everything about the coffee is peculiar, it looks like an Ethiopian varietal, with a 45-degree angle on the laterals, and it's a very low-yield production tree, which asserts that it is an old Ethiopian arabica varietal. It is a truly unique coffee, and we are proud to say that we brought in the whole lot of this coffee that was sent to the states exclusively for Quills.

This coffee has big juiciness on the front of the palate, saturated with sweetness from raspberry to nectarine, tangerine and white grape.

We tasteTangerine, nectarine, raspberry, guava, floral 

Single-Origin Details:

  • Producer: Miguel Menendez // Las Delicias

  • Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec

  • Process: Washed

  • Variety: Peach

  • Elevation: 1650 MASL

  • Harvest: 2020-2021


More about Las Delicias:

The plantation is situated on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range at 13.91484 latitude and 89.72900 longitude, in the Atiquizaya province, department of Ahuachapán. Las Delicias has an extension of 51 manzanas, or 35 hectares, with an elevation ranging from 1.300 meters to 1.900 meters above sea level, however, in El Salvador, coffee grows up to 1.750 meters, due to the countries position in latitude and longitude.

Above the coffee planted at 1,750 meters, the property consists of 8 hectares, of virgin, native canopy forest, reaching the very top of the mountain.

The total production of the plantation varies depending on many factors like weather patterns, but the yearly average is about 900 bags of 69 kilograms of strictly hard bourbon beans; of which 200 bags are strictly hard Pacamara beans.

The average age of the plantation is about 15 years, with about 5,000 coffee trees per hectare. The variety of shade trees used in the plantation is composed of native trees and Inga trees with a population of about 110 shade trees per hectare.

The soil of the farm is Franco volcanic, ideal for cultivating coffee. The average rainfall there is of 2,000 mm per year.

At the very top of the mountain, where this canopy forest is located, there is an extinct crater of an ancient volcano. The crater is now a lagoon; in which wild frogs thrive, giving the mountain its name, Las Ranas.

Wildlife there is abundant, with native species and migratory birds. There you will find whitetail deer, ocelots, among other animals.

The farm is Denomination of Origin certified, this seal was acquired in 2010. This seal requires that the farm protect the echo system, encompassing wildlife and native forest, as well as the echo friendly of managing the coffee plantation.

Biological and natural practices are used to complement foliar and soil fertilizations, as well as controlling illnesses, minimizing the use of chemicals.

The other part of the seal, comprehends of the social aspect, ensuring that the people that work at the farm, receive the adequate benefits and compensation, required by the law.

During the last Rain Forest Alliance yearly evaluation, Las Delicias acquired a grade of 94.95%

Our objective is to find a balance, in between the managing of the plantation with modern techniques, and a sustainable system, good for the environment.

The result of these practices is a healthy coffee plantation, with an excellent cup and a good production.

The combined efforts, of the people that work the land, as well as the people that operate the coffee mill, will yield as a result, an excellent coffee.

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