Polliwog | Spring Blend
Polliwog | Spring Blend

Polliwog | Spring Blend

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Ah, spring again. Time to dive into some aromatic African coffees just in time for those seasonal allergies to kick in.  We’re a sucker for the combination of washed and natural processed Ethiopian coffees, especially as the weather begins to warm up in the Midwest.

So open those windows, feel the warmth of the sun, and pour yourself a mug - what else are you going to drink while building your raised garden beds anyway?

We taste: bergamot, raspberry jam, blueberry, chocolate

  • Coffees: Guji, Oromina/Sidama
  • Processes: Washed & Natural
  • Varieties: Heirloom
  • Elevation:  2200 - 2360 MASL

Customer Reviews

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Super solid blend

This blend is really clean and has some awesome acidity and sweetness. Tastes like those sour patch watermelon gummies to me. This is almost as good as the Worka Chelbessa.

Esther Sousa
Love Polliwog

this coffee is great! it truly lives up to all I wanted in this Ethiopia blend

Mitchell Mast
Mellow Spring Mornings

Delightful and balanced, like a soft breeze and the delicate light of a spring morning!

Collin Dollar
The Wog

Straight fire.

Sweet. Juicy. Delicious. Springy.

I've been brewing this between my V60 and Aeropress and have been loving it. It's the best of both worlds - the winey and jammy notes of a natural Ethiopia but still plenty crisp with some floral notes. Absolutely delicious.