A Tale of Two Kenyans

Few countries offer such an amazing range of high quality specialty coffees as Kenya. Thanks to its unique varieties, processing techniques, and climate, the flavors we encounter from Kenyan coffee are in a class of their own. That's why we're excited to introduce two new coffees from Kenya to our line-up. 


The first comes from the Gititu Factory in Kenya's Nyeri district. More than 900 farmers deliver their coffee cherries to this factory to be processed. This mill is known for their attention to detail in processing this coffee and it shows in the finished product. We encounter juicy flavors of grapefruit and sour cherry along with rich caramel and notes of clove. It's a classic Kenya that will show you why our roasters look forward to Kenyan coffee season all year. 

The second coffee comes from the Kii Factory in Gichugu. This is one of three washing stations owned by the Rungento Farmers Cooperative Society. The 1,214 farmers that contribute to this washing station have small farms, most less than a hectare, but that doesn't stop this coffee from being one of the best we've gotten our hands on all year. Compared to the Gititu, the Kii is a little less bright, but it makes up for it with exceptional sweetness. Candied watermelon and green apple flavors are well complimented by a creamy body and a spicy finish. We love this coffee so much we're using it as our single origin espresso for the entire month of October.