Nathan Quillo

Humble Beginnings

Owner Nathan Quillo’s love for coffee began very simply - as a customer, coffee drinker and enthusiast. While doing social work, Nathan regularly met with students in local coffee houses and often found himself explaining the finer points of premium coffee roasting and brewing. He started to fall in love with the idea of curating great spaces where coffee and community could be celebrated.

The first Quills opened in Germantown in 2007. The rest, as they say... is history!

Barista founded. Community inspired.
Quality for all.

Specialty coffee

Thoughtful Coffee

We work hard to establish strong and meaningful relationships with coffee producers around the world who share our passion for excellence. By working closely with these producers, we're able to ensure that the beans we source are of the highest quality and that they're produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

In addition to sourcing the best beans, we're also committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our community. We believe that great coffee is more than just a drink; it's an experience that should be savored and enjoyed. That's why we're dedicated to educating our customers about the art and science of specialty coffee.

We want everyone who visits our cafes to leave with a deeper understanding of what makes a great cup of coffee, and why we're so passionate about what we do.

Quality for *all*

Quills is a safespace for everyone. We're proud that our customers feel comfortable meeting, studying, proposing, breaking up and celebrating special moments in our cafes. We've always been committed to building a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for our employees and customers. When you come to Quills you can expect warmth, creativity and QUALITY!

Quill's Coffee Barista