Barista of the Week: Emily Sill

Quills has the pleasure of employing some of the best baristas in town. Coming from different walks of life, their unifying factor is … love for coffee. Shocking, we know. But in this day and age, the undying, passionate, obsessive love for coffee that we tend to lean toward at Quills is what we look for in a barista.

Emily Sill, one of our newest members to Team Quills has that undying love. A love she developed through the growing coffee community in Louisville. Her husband Lee Sill is also in the coffee biz at Prima Coffee. We like to keep our coffee family tight.

Coffee was actually something that the couple shared as a mutual passion in the development of their budding marriage. Starting with a Chemex and an Ario grinder, the Sills were in business. But Emily has been a fan of coffee since college, making her own French presses and hanging at her local coffee houses, getting deeper into coffee was a natural process.

But perfecting the flavor of coffee as a barista at Quills is not Emily’s only foray into the professional coffee world. Quills is her second barista gig, preceded by promotions for Alliance World Coffees. Add that to her work ethic and winning personality, we think we lucked out on this one.

Emily is also now in charge of the delicious baked goods we make at Quills. As an artist, photographer and people person, being a barista and baker puts all of Emily’s skills and passions together. Emily loves the craft of making beautiful and tasty beverages and goodies that customers enjoy, as well as interacting and educating customers on the ins and outs of coffee.

Emily’s more quirky passions are her serious love for her dog Davey, a poofy Papillion with a lot of personality; Bluegrass festivals, stationary for handwritten letters; and the delightful family hobby of bird watching. Oh and Emily is the sibling of former barista Allie Sailor, also a bird watcher.

A barista profile would not be complete with out the favorite coffee drink.

For Emily it is: The Cottonwood Espresso as a Cappuccino or Americano. Nice choice Em.