Destination: Peru

Earlier this year we were surprised by a coffee from Jaen, Peru. Peru has long been a leader in organic farming practices, but as any coffee roaster can tell you, organic doesn't necessarily mean tasty. Peruvian coffees are known for their heavy body, chocolate notes, and not much else. But this coffee had a sparkling acidity and a deep sweetness. Many weeks it stole the show at our weekly cupping. 

On Sunday we're leaving with our main importer, Cafe Imports, to visit coffee farms around northern Peru and select which lots we want to purchase this year. We're excited to explore a coffee producing region with enormous potential, as well as develop relationships with some of the producers that grow the coffee we're proud to roast and serve. 

You can follow our travels on our Instagram account using the hashtag, #quillstravels. We're excited to share the fruits of our journey with you early next year.