Five Reasons to Follow Quills on Instagram

1. Give-Aways

Congrats @hanwheat, you won our #ibrewquills give away! Stop by any Quills location and show the barista this picture to claim your prize!

We love our coffee so much, we like giving it away. Specifically we like giving it away to people who take awesome pictures on Instagram, like @hanwheat who won a bag of El Eden with this gem. 

2. Latte Art

Happy Labor Day. Here's a latte art hyperlapse.

If liking latte art makes us nerds, then sign us up. We like pouring it almost as much as we like taking pictures of it. 

3. Behind the scenes footage

Cupping Hyperlapse, part II.

If you ever hear an ear-splitting slurping sound in New Albany, chances are it's cupping day. We sniff, sip, and spit to make sure we're roasting our coffees as well as possible. Ever wonder what a hyperlapse of a coffee cupping looks like? Look no further

4. Origin

Have you tried our Sopacdi yet? It's our first coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo and we couldn't be more thrilled with it. This 100% bourbon variety has bright citrus notes and a deep sweetness we can't get enough of. We would love to make you a cup or send you home with a bag of it.

We partner with some incredible coffee importers like Cafe Imports, Tiger Orchid, and Thrive Farmers. We love sharing photos and information about our coffee's origin, whether it be the variety, process, or producer. 

5. Transcendent Beauty to Live Vicariously Through  

Where are you brewing #coffee this week?

Wish you were drinking coffee at a beach house? What about exploring the ancient streets of Istanbul? You can imagine doing all this and more if you follow us on Instagram.