GREAT GERTZ!! another farewell

   We took some time to dry our eyes but we dried them in vain. After saying farewell to one cherished Quills celebrity, we had only two weeks before another...

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We took some time to dry our eyes but we dried them in vain. After saying farewell to one cherished Quills celebrity, we had only two weeks before another trampled over our hearts on his way out the door... like getting kicked by a horse then rolled over by its cart.

Mr. Jon Gertz made his last drink on Monday, June 10th at an hour that was neither too early nor too late. Pretty sure he might have left a little before his shift's end actually and we prefer to believe it was due to the overwhelming emotion and fear of public hysterics.


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Jon has been a barista at Quills for about 3 years and has Mickey Goldmilled his fellow baristas for over a year now (look it up). He also held a title of "baker" when Quills first attempted baking our own pastries.

  Jon Gertz is also a genius.

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A wicked brilliant literary genius. In fact- we'd be far better off if he were writing this for himself. Jon spends his summer's teaching creative writing at Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) AND he was just accepted into the education master's program at Columbia University in NYC. Pretty big deal right? (Why does that city keep stealing our people??? Jerks)

 We have asked UofL Store Manager and complementing cohort of Mr. Gertz - Matthew Stevenson- to begin the adulation of our friend:

“Jon is unique. For someone so full of knowledge and experience he is humble, approachable, and open. Whether Jon is teaching a class, a new hire or simply the general public, one feels as if they’re just hanging out with a friend. He brings things to your level in a way that doesn’t make you feel inferior but rather empowered. Jon connects with co-workers and customers in such a casual, comfortable way you don’t notice any difference in skill level or position. What Jon lacks in bubbles or fluff he always more than makes up for with depth and care. 

MegaGertz has taken Quills UofL to the next level. His contributions as our trainer and as a coworker have raised the bar. He also is one of my dearest friends. Nothing but love for Sir Gertz”
— Matt Stevenson
“My first trainer & my first love. I am who I am not because of Popeye, but Jon Gertz. Godspeed!”
— Justin Taylor
“Jon Gertz- the dude that knows everything about everyone and genuinely cares about how you’re doin... what a great guy!”
— Sarah Welder
“Before Quills, Jon and I used to work together at NASA. When he left NASA to work for Quills I was devastated! Alone on the moon, I thought. So, I made a giant leap from one space program to the next, thanks to Jon, and all was right with the world.

Until now...

Soon, I will be alone again on the moon. Left to my thoughts, I recall sharing high-gravity space juice illegally in the stockroom at NASA (our finest moment) and all his fantastic space helmets. Oh, and his laugh! What a wonderful laugh! These things I’ll never forget.

Jon is one hell of a spaceman. He will travel far in life. I wish him the very best!”
— Chris Martin
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“After working with Jon for a year I feel like I have a lit degree”
— Michael Butterworth
“ One of the best senses of humor among the whole staff. I’ll definitely miss his wise cracks.”
— Houston Miller
“Gertz brings the literary flair and sardonic wit to Quills. Seriously, I can’t have a conversation with him without cracking up at some expected quick joke from the guy. If Quills had a “coolest barista” award, he probably would have won it. He also was quick on coffee know-how, and he’ll be missed as a core part of our training crew!”
— Luke Daugherty 
“Making Jon sincerely smile is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Especially if he’s just been pretending like you’ve greatly offended him -piercing your soul with pursed lips and half-death/half-puppy-dog eyes. Then IF he gives it up (but only if) and cracks into that equally soul-piercing grin, well then you just wanna hug him so tight in relief. Of course then he might throw another curveball by tensing up and acting like you’ve crossed the line in touching him. ha ha ha ha ha O Jon. Now that’s what you call a friend.”
— Erin Ferguson
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