How to Order Coffee at Quills

{Thanks to Michael Butterworth for writing up this very simple, helpful and practical how-to}

Unless you studied Italian in college, the menu of your local coffee spot can probably be pretty intimidating. Especially when you consider the variances between the many different shops spread throughout a city (ex: a Macchiato at Starbucks vs most other shops proves a quite ample discrepancy in milk & sugar volume). At Quills we've tried to simplify it as much as possible, but that doesn't keep first-time visitors from feeling a decent amount of trepidation while trying to decide what to order. Sure, we could sit around and point fingers at the companies who decided us Anglophones had to order coffee in language we don't know, but at this point it's too late in the game to do anything about it. 

Rather than taking a remedial Italian course at U of L, let me commend my patent-pending method for ordering coffee at Quills. It starts with a series of reflective questions. 



Q: Do I want something hot or cold? 

If your answer is Hot: Proceed to the next question. We default to hot drinks. 

If your answer is Cold: Just add the word "iced" before your beverage. We can make most of our drinks iced. 

Q: Do I want something that's milky? 

If your answer is No: Order a filter coffee, Americano, or espresso. If you have a few minutes, consider trying one of our single origin coffees brewed with a pour-over method, such as a Chemex or Hario V60. 

If your answer is Yes:  How much milk do you want? 

Just a little: Try a cortado or cappuccino. These classic beverages are a wonderful balance of milk and and espresso. A well made cappuccino is especially creamy and delicious. 

A lot: Order a latte. Lattes are less coffee-forward, but a good option if you want something to sip on for a while. If you want something a little sweeter, the Cafe Miele (made with cinnamon and honey), remains a crowd favorite. 

Q: What if I don't want coffee? 

We have a selection of carefully sourced teas and yummy bottled drinks. Nothing beats a San Pellegrino soda in the summer time. 

In conclusion, don't be afraid to ask your barista questions. Contrary to popular stereotypes, we actually love questions and promise we won't make fun of you once you're out the door. Our job is to make you delicious coffee!