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HWBB: How Would your Barista Brew? Part 3


And finally we reach our last installment of HWBB? First- let us say: If you have not checked out all of our holiday brewing packages and the magic-making tools therein, please do that now. You will find brief descriptions of the hows-and-whats here as well as in the store.

The last goodie in our big red features bag is The Clever... for the clever...and  the not-so-clever. Because that's how simple it is to use!

For our Director of Media & Marketing and world's most impatient gal Erin Ferguson, it couldn't be more ideal.

  Erin- clever.JPG  

Erin sometimes stays up way too late watching her beloved IU Hoosiers play (*ahem* dominate) basketball. When she gets up in the morning, she wants the clean full taste of a manually brewed cup but she doesn't want to stand over it with a kettle (if you didn't know- 3 minutes feels like an hour for impatient people). 

Enter the Clever: The Clever -like the French Press- is a full-immersion brewing technique meaning that the water and the (coarsely ground) grounds hang out and play together for a while until the process is complete. Unlike the French Press, the clever features a "stopper" of sorts that releases only when you say so -- allowing the delicious extraction to drip straight into your cup. Basically- you'll end up with a much lighter, cleaner cup as opposed to the oilier, fuller, "sootier" French Press results. Of course- it all depends on how you like it. 

The best part for those like Erin- All it takes is a pour of the water and a trigger of the valve. After you're done, it only takes a quick, easy rinse and it's ready for that second, third and fourth cup. The Clever is made of BPA-free plastic and is super lightweight making it the perfect traveling companion.

The Clever is available with filters and a kettle in The Enthusiast Brewing Package.