Important! Please Join Us This Friday!

Hey Friends! Really exciting stuff happening right now with Quills, our coffees and mainly- our kick-A baristas. We are sending 3 competitors to the SCAA regional competition next week. Jesse and Houston will compete in the Brewer's Cup and Michael Butterworth will be our first ever Barista Competition* participant! (YEAH MICHAEL!!) 

*please click on the links to learn more about what goes into these intense competitions

One of the critical aspects of prep for this is the opportunity to do as many run-throughs as possible. To that end, we will be hosting a public run-through THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (January 10th) at 7:30pm at our UofL Store. THIS IS OPEN TO ALL PUBLIC!

In fact, it's critical that we have you-the most amazing supporters ever- there. All three of our coffee geniuses will give their full presentation with some experienced judges present. But we need to create something as close to the real competition as possible! 

Please consider coming down to the UofL store Friday night and seeing coffee making in the most smart, detailed, delicious and downright geeky  ways possible. 

It'll be fun. We promise!!