In case you missed it...

...looking back at some good stories over the past few months...

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*Our partnership with Thrive Farmers and the cool ways they're working to make sure quality coffee and quality pay are provided on all ends. 

*In regards to our manually brewed options- we replaced the French Press with another immersion technique - The Clever. This is our ode to it's lovely efficiency. 

*We've been so unbelievably honored and excited to now have gone out in a Craft Coffee subscription box three times. This is how it happened the first time and it's a pretty amazing story. 

*And while we certainly recommend Craft's quality choices (especially if you'd like to taste coffees from all over), you can also receive Quill's coffee in the same fashion by signing up for our subscription services. Also available are wholesale accounts. Learn about them both here.

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*Hard to believe while we're stuck in the middle of this polar vortex but someday it will be warm again. And Cold Brew will be back. Here's something to help you envision it, start looking forward, or just start making it yourself ahead of time.

*People still get super excited about latte art and why wouldn't they? It's like you get to sip on a creamy espresso-infused rosetta or tulip or heart.  Sounds like heaven. It also sounds like a great excuse for a competition. Many Quillsians have taken part but here's an interview with just a couple of them back when they headed to New York for one of the biggest battles.

*Awwww... back when our red-bearded friend Lee Sill was with us and on bar educating the world - or at least downtown New Albany - on brewing really really good coffee (now he does it for Barista Parlour in Nashville along with his wife- and former Quills manager - Emily). Thank goodness we got some COFFEE 101 tips from him recorded before he left.