In & Out: New Coffees (with long but pretty names)

Quills People: 

We've got some phasin' in, phasin' out happening which means it's time to say "See ya around. It's been a dream." to some of your recent favorite roasts and "Why hello. So nice to meet you. Lets make magic" to your new favorites.

Stay tuned as we will have more to share on each of these so your heads can get familiar with them as your taste buds do. 

For now- here's the word on what to expect...

  photo 4.JPG  

What's Coming:

*Finca Los Congos, Nicaragua is our newest top end coffee and is already featured in the new Blacksmith. It is in stores now available in retail bags and as an option for pour-overs. We are super excited to offer this as a top tier coffee and we think you'll really love it. Expect to taste tart cherry with an incredibly smooth, syrupy body and a chocolate/caramel sweetness. 

*Los Naranjos, San Agustin, Huila, Colombia is also already featured in Blacksmith and will be rolling out in cafes before the end of the month. This will replace the current Finca La Bolsa Guatemalan and will be available on batch drip in addition to pour-over. Anticipate this one coming very soon.

What's Leaving:

*Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX is on its final supplies right now

*Finca La Bolsa's is also running on its last leg this week and will soon be missing from the shelves.

*Monte Rosa and El Guayabo will likely be around until mid-March. We'll keep you updated.