Knit Night This Thursday!

If you know what these things mean: k2tog, p2tog, ssk, yo, k1f&b, m1.... are either a spy or a person who needs to be at Quills this Thursday (12/8) at 7pm for Knit Night!

Our very own Bob Major (whose name works well with the spy deal too) will be hosting and teaching us in an intro to knitting.  Now's your time to stop saying "i wish i could..." and get started on some Christmas gifts.

Crochet-ers and Embroider-ers are more than welcome as well!  If you have any questions at all contact Bob through Facebook or his email (

If you are knitting, bring size 13 - 9mm knitting needles and a ball of yarn of the same gauge.


p.s.  i would like some cozy socks for Christmas.  Just leave them behind the counter.  Thank You.