New Art Exhibitions from Michael Winters and Brad Vetter

If you stop in at our Baxter or UofL locations, you will notice some great, new art adorns our walls.  Michael Winters is an artist that we love featuring here...

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If you stop in at our Baxter or UofL locations, you will notice some great, new art adorns our walls. 

Michael Winters is an artist that we love featuring here at Quills.  These next few months, you can see and purchase photographs from his Cuts and God’s Intestines series at Baxter Quills. Printed beautifully in black and white, large images from Cuts inspect tree trunks up close. Smaller images from the same series catalog different trunk segments on copper.

I read a poem called Measuring Rings in Sarah Well's book Pruning Burning Bushes. The primary image in the poem is a boy atop a tree stump. Through the poem she comes to realize that if the branches of her family tree had been cut off, like she at times wanted, she wouldn't have this precious boy dancing on the tree stump.   My brother asked me to cut down a tree in his backyard.  I liked the work.  And I liked the way the electric saw cut the ends roughly.  Something about seeing those cuts resonated with me and I started connecting these cut branches to my life experience, to the poem. 

Winters found the subjects of God’s Intestines while wondering around Hole-in-the-Rock, Utah.  On describing his name for the series: “A lot of western places have religious names - Devil's thumb, Hell's Canyon, etc.  I've never heard of a place called God's Intestines, but walking those narrow passageways felt like walking around in God's insides to me.” He captures elements of the landscape that can be  curious, quiet, and piercing. The photographs are printed both in black and white archival prints and on copper.

Michael Winters’ photography has been shown at Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville Visual Art Association, Union University, Georgetown University and some other places.  He's just as happy to share his work in a coffee shop though.  As a full-time job, he's Art Director for Sojourn Community Church.  Additionally, he's in the process of starting a new business called MATERIAL, which is all about "photography in print", and offers custom printing, artist editions, and photography books. Winters graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from University of Louisville in 2005. More of his photography can be seen at

We have got a punch of color at Quills Cardinal Towne. Letterpress prints from Brad Vetter can be seen and purchased for the next few months. Vetter is originally from Louisville, went to Western Kentucky University, honed his letterpress skills at Hatch Show print in Nashville, and now works independently out of Chicago.  He travels the country hosting printmaking workshops and is dedicated to spreading the love of letterpress.  He has designed show posters for some of our favorite bands and has created freelance work that can be inspiring and fun. More of Vetter's work can be seen at 

If you would like to purchase any of the art you see on the walls at Quills, you can talk to your barista, call your Quills location, or email our Art Coordinator, Joanna Miller, at joannajustine at gmail dot com. 

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