New Coffee Alert: Colombia Banexport

A bright spot in a cold winter is Colombia's coffee season. And with the fresh South American harvest reaching our shores we're excited to welcome a coffee from Colombia's famed Huila region to our line up. Our friends over at Cafe Imports partnered with Colombia's Banexport group to source this wonderful blend of Caturra and Colombia varieties. According to Cafe Imports, over 96% of coffee producers in Huila are small, independent farmers with 1.5 hectares or less. (By comparison, some large coffee farms in Brazil can reach more than 3,000 hectares!) This coffee represents a blend from some of the very best small producers in the region. 

We loved this coffee so much we're not only offering it as a single origin but also selected it to be a component in our espresso blend, Blacksmith. We taste rich flavors of caramel and cinnamon with a crisp pear-like acidity. It's a barista favorite, and a real crowd pleaser. We're betting you'll love it too.