Now Roasting Colombia, La Lomita and Guatemala, Waykan

We're excited to welcome two fresh crop coffees to our line up. 

Colombia, La Lomita

It's no secret that we buy a lot of Colombian coffees here at Quills, and this beautiful offering from the Urquina brothers is a great example why. The Urquina brothers farm in the Acevedo region of Huila on adjacent parcels of land named La Lomita and La Calera. Like most producers in the region, they grow Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia varieties.  Although their farm is at a relatively low 1300 MASL, we encounter rich tropical fruit flavors in their coffee, well complimented by a deep sweetness and a big body. It has the complexity that coffee nerds love while remaining approachable and immensely drinkable. The similarities and difference between La Lomita and our other Colombia, Los Naranjos, make for a fun side-by-side tasting. Both coffees are available on our webstore

Guatemala, Waykan

When it comes to sweet, complex coffees, if there's one country in the Americas that could give Colombia a run for its money it's Guatemala. We're pleased to share a coffee with you from our favorite region in Guatemala: Huehuetenango. This lot is composed of some of the best coffee from numerous small producers across the region.  Although it's not traceable to a farm level like some of our other coffees, the Guatemala, Waykan is a sweet, complex coffee that can compete with the best microlots. We started our single origin espresso program with a coffee from Huehuetenango last year, and we're pleased to feature our Guatemala, Waykan as our single origin espresso for the second half of June into early July.  Expect flavors of crisp apple, pastry, and nuts.