Now Roasting Ethiopia, Konga

There are few things more exciting for baristas than Ethiopian coffee season. All coffee can be traced back to the Horn of Africa, and Ethiopia is still home to more than 95% of coffee's genetic diversity. These heirloom varieties feature flavors not found anywhere else in the world. 

This is the third year in a row we've purchased coffee grown by the Konga tribe in the Gedeo region of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This coffee comes from ten washing stations that serve over 5,000 small producers. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange doesn't allow for complete traceability, but superior lots such as this one are separated based on region and quality. We love the stonefruit and citrus flavors and the surprisingly creamy mouthfeel of this coffee. On the cupping table we taste peach, bergamot, and lavender.  

Ethiopia, Konga is now available in our web store and will be in all of our cafés by Thursday.