Our Prices Are Going Up, But it's a Good Thing

It’s been three years since we last had to talk about prices with you. We’re happy it’s been that long, because we want our coffee to be affordable. We love coffee, and we want as many people as possible to enjoy it. 

The truth is though, the world of coffee continues to change and grow. Over the last three years demand for specialty coffee has risen at an astounding rate. More and more people all over Louisville, Indianapolis, and beyond continue to discover this rich world of exciting tastes and delightful experiences.

But it’s changing in challenging ways as well. Changes in global weather patterns threaten the future of specialty coffee in many countries. Although demand is up, production is down as many farmers choose to plant other crops that are less susceptible to disease. In the States,  barista salaries have not kept up with the ever-growing costs of living or the increased demand for skilled employees. 

At Quills, we’re excited to be right in the thick of these trends, even the challenging ones. We believe specialty coffee can thrive right here in our communities. We believe we can continue to make choices in our purchases of coffee that will make the future more stable for coffee producers everywhere. We believe we can keep pace not only with federal and local minimum wage increases, but pay our staff a living wage in accord with the time and effort they put into making every day special for you, our customers. And we believe we can only get better at sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving delicious coffee. It’s because we believe these things, that we’re confident in raising our prices accordingly. Most of our drink prices will be increasing by only $0.10-0.25 -  some more, some less. We know it may mean an adjustment, but we are confident you will see the value. 

We're committed to constantly improving the quality of our coffee sourcing and production because quite simply, we want to serve you the best cup of coffee you've ever had. We believe good coffee is worth it, and we also think you agree. 

Yours in the pursuit of great coffee,