Quills' Baristas and their Fun Times

This last week has been an exciting one in the life of a Quills barista. Besides the always new and exciting happenings on the home front, Quills' baristas have been having a blast sharing coffee with the world.

Baristas Sarah Welder, Philip Revell and Ginger Goss were drinking on the job, coffee that is. Taking in the art and fun that the Buy Local First Fair brought around. They said that it was a good day to sling coffee with other local business and were proud to be part of such a vibrant local scene. 

The Speed Museum hosted Quills' baristas John Letoto and Brittany Jarboe Jennings. Team Quills was excited to serve coffee surrounded by such fantastic art. We try to create artwork with each coffee drink we serve, so we felt right at home. 

Team Quills was excited to host the second part of Louisville's Rosettas for Relief, an effort to support those in Japan recovering from crisis.  Organized by Quills barista John Letoto and Sunergos barista Jesse Harriot, we supported the cause by doing what we do best, coffee.

The fundraiser took a fun edge on latte art competitions with bids on "smite" cards to cause a little challenge to competitors. Things were kept lively with Emily Sill as the emcee and all the Quills crew were on hand helping with raffle tickets and prizes, pour overs and picture snapping. All in a day's a work in the life of Quills barista.