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During Thanksgiving week 2013 (November 24 - 30), buy one 12 oz. bag of coffee and receive another 12 oz. bag at half off. In addition to our decaf and...

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During Thanksgiving week 2013 (November 24 - 30), buy one 12 oz. bag of coffee and receive another 12 oz. bag at half off. In addition to our decaf and Blacksmith espresso blend, here's what you can get for your bargain bucks! 

Ngororero, Rwanda 

Rwanda- known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills" due to coffee grown between 1700 and 2000 meters above seal level- is now home to a growing number of very small farms which pool together in central washing stations for processing. Many of the coffees being produced these days are among the best in the world. We are proud to bring in this coffee from the Ngororero region which showcases the balance and brightness of a great Rwandan coffee quite well.

San Cristobal, Coban, Guatemala

This particular Guatemalan coffee-from the small Chiyuc community- comes from new importer Thrive Coffee Farmers who are employing inventive methods in improving the lives of farmer as well as their coffees. This coffee’s mysterious claim of “honey processed” means that it skipped the traditional washing tanks and dried in the fruit mucilage (which looks honey-like) after being de-pulped.  This imparts a higher sugar content and a more round, less aggressive yet still vibrant, acidity and body than you would find in its washed counterparts.

Inkwell: Quills 1st House Blend

This blend is a project long in the making for Quills; One that required us to dip our quill deep into the well of our creativity and coffee passion. This house blend has something for everyone, but it’s not just a simple crowd-pleaser. The first “chapter” in our new story represents everything we are proud to showcase in our coffees: care in production, intentional sourcing, and a roaster’s unique touch, all balanced in a complex, delicate dance. It’s been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait. Current Coffees: Santa Teresa, Chiapas, Mexico; Konga Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia; Finca Los Congos, Nicaragua. We taste: Caramel aromatics give way to a pleasing, smooth mouthfeel and hints of chocolate, balanced nicely with notes of lemon, apricot and cherry in a lingering finish.

Kiungu, Embu, Kenya

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our first-ever in-house roasted coffee from Kenya. This country has quite the reputation in specialty coffee, and for good reason. Kenyan coffees are known for their dynamic acidity, which contributes to a broad range of sweet, savory and fruity flavor experiences. This coffee, from the Kiungu Factory of Thambana Farmers Cooperative Society in the Embu region, will take your taste buds on the whole journey across those flavor spectrums. We taste: Initially very much like a washed Yirgacheffe- black tea, floral and notes of lemon - but it quickly gives way to a creamy, dynamic cup with punchy tomato & grapefruit-like acidity, blackberries and a long, sweet finish.

Finca La Bolsa, Guatemala

Jorge Vides Molina’s farm has gained quite the reputation for quality year after year in specialty coffee, and they contribute in exciting ways to their community through educational and environmental efforts. His farm is one we’re proud to support on a regular basis. This particular lot-dubbed “Mirador”-is notable for its clean, crisp acidity and vibrant fruit notes

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