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At Quills we love coffee, duh. But we also have a special place in our hearts for Tea. The finest loose leaf tea, in fact. The fun thing about Tea...

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At Quills we love coffee, duh. But we also have a special place in our hearts for Tea. The finest loose leaf tea, in fact. The fun thing about Tea is there are so many delicious options. The second most consumed beverage in the world next to water, speaks for itself. There is often confusion about what constitutes Tea. Like most things, the classification of Tea is up for interpretation due to language differences and cultural practices. But the most common use of the term is used for the steeping of leaves from a type of Camellia sinensis plant. The most popular market Teas are WhiteGreenOolong, and Black. Containing varying degrees of caffeine, these Teas are specifically different than what are known as Herbal Teas. Herbal Teas are a loose interpretation of Tea, because they are steeped plant leaves, but do not contain Camellia sinensis, and are typically concocted of leaves from flowers, fruits or herbs. The South African Rooibos Tea or Red Tea named for the red bush it is derived from is in this loose category of Herbal Tea.

At Quills we offer a variety of Teas in these categories from Townshend’s Tea Company. Located in Oregon, they specialize in high quality Tea with immense variety. Our fine barista Adam Pike, with roots in Oregon, hand picked this company and Quills’ selection. Some of our favorites are the Oolong Tea Iron Goddess of Mercy. With pungent flavors similar to Black Tea and grassy undertones like Green Tea, this bender is a personal favorite. The Crème de la Earl Grey is a form of the traditional Black Tea, but blended with bergamot to add a subtle sweetness to its typical intensity. Another highlight is the Jaimaca Blend Roiboos. Added to the smooth qualities of the Red Tea is hibiscus, lemongrass and a sundry of fruits, creating a luscious beverage perfect for sipping.

The delectable variety of Teas we offer is one of our luring techniques, but in typical Quills fashion we offer our fine Teas in an aesthetically pleasing in-house Tea service. The classic Tea pot and cup come on a variety of hand-crafted Tea trays especially made for Quills by Eric Scholtens. Carved from wood and painted with many inspiring and beautiful designs. From simple, classic wood trays, to dramatic owl and bird designs that coincide with Quills’ winged mascot, the trays add that little extra pizzazz to the Tea Service you can only get at Quills.

In addition to the loose leaf Teas, we also offer the ever popular Tea Lattés. Your choice of Chai, a spiced Black Tea, or Red Tea has a prominent place on our specially selected menu. A creamy, delightful option, the Tea Lattés are one of our special-Teas! Oh, you love it.



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