Quills FTW: Thoughts from the Quills Crew

Team Quills is still riding high on being named one of the top 100 places in the South to sip by Imbibe Magazine. The selection means a lot to us and we want to share our thoughts with our loyal customers and our gratitude for their appreciation and patronage. Every player in Team Quills has a vital role in achieving our vision, so the overseers of that vision have had a lot to say about such an esteemed inclusion.

Being a reader of Imbibe Magazine for about six years, Nathan Quillo (Owner/Operator) is quite familiar with the standards of the publication that concerns all things in ‘liquid culture’. An obvious fan of liquid consumption, the national magazine is an essential read for those with a passion for coffee. To be included in this magazine is an honor, not just for Quills, but for the standard of coffee we are trying achieve. Including coffee among hand-crafted beverages like quality bourbon and hops is the standard of concoction we aim for at Quills.

It is part of our vision at Quills to serve coffee that is seen as the same caliber of hand-crafted beverages, hence the attention to quality roasted coffee and standard of drink making. This dedication has included a lot of risk taking, not taking the cheap and easy route, while aiming for that standard. But from the beginning that is what Quills has been about, serving quality beverages with quality service in a beautiful environment. This selection by Imbibe tells us that the hard-work and attention to detail in all parts of Quills is paying off.

That is the most rewarding part of the selection echoed by all parties involved, especially the detail oriented managers Ginger Goss (General Manager) and Philip Revell (Coffee Quality Manager). Ginger and Philip are always nose-to-the-grind about the details of bean quality, espresso extraction, pastry tastes and profit margins. They said it was a refreshing reminder that all the hard-work is paying off. Seeing this mention as a pat on the back to keep going with the vision and work we are committed to.

We are even more excited now to continue our hard work, knowing that it is being appreciated by our loyal customers and those in our industry. Next thing you know you’ll see us riding down the street on a pack of wild horses, red cup of coffee in hand.