Quills Multiplied

Well hello there Ladies and Gents,

Let us tell you- first of all- that your oft-expressed enthusiasm towards our two new Quills locations paste such huge smiles on our faces, they're in danger of becoming stuck there.  Sure it's a little awkward but at least we look pleasant...and maybe a little creepy.

Anyways - we so appreciate your patience as we deal with  the red tape and other colors of tape and unexpected delays and all sorts of irritating hurdles we are glad to jump over for the sake of coming closer to you.

And the finish line is well in sight! New Albany will be opening in a matter of days and U of L's Cardinal Towne will not be too far behind.

Both new locations will feature the quality service, atmosphere and coffee you've found at our Baxter location including more fantastic local art and the addition of a slow bar where we'll focus exclusively on pour-overs (chemex and v60).

AND...New Albany will house our very own Quills roastery (woot!woot!) where Philip and John will don their capes researching, developing and experimenting with new coffees, methods, ideas and all those other things magicians do.  And of course we'll continue to produce, test and improve upon our tasty Blacksmith Espresso.

We'll see you in New Albany and Cardinal Towne very soon!

(Quills crew getting the New Albany store ready to rock)