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Quills News: Fresh Roasted Coffee for Here or To Go


Quills has some new stock on the shelves this week. One of which being our fancy new travel mugs, equipped with our logo and quirky quip that you will come to love. The mugs are high grade plastic and have the classy look of a real life To-Go Cup. They are $10.99 and come with a free cup of coffee upon purchase and then 10% off every drink you purchase to go in the cup from here on out. All your friends will be jealous. 

The most exciting addition to our retail stock is our very own roasted coffee!! Starting this week, our roaster John Letoto has been getting those green beans fired up ready for you to drink. We have a Guatemala SHB and Burundi Kayanza in whole bean for purchase and on French Press or Pour-Over to sip. Quills Coffee Emporium is on its way...