Quills Roasts: Blacksmith Espresso

(EDIT: To clarify- Quills has been roasting and sipping for quite a while now.  The "what's new" of that business is our new space and capacity for a more focused effort in the New Albany store and the introduction of our first blend personally labored over, born, named and available for purchase: Blacksmith Espresso.  And please read on to find out more about that.)

Big News! If you haven't heard yet, Quills Coffee is now in the business of roasting! We put so much of our time, effort and passion into serving you the absolute finest of coffee, it only makes sense to put our hands where our heart is and more personally craft the exceptional quality you trust us to give you.

And so after approximately a googol amount of thought, testing, re-testing, blood, sweat, and tears (ok not sure if there was actually blood but surely some tears), we now proudly offer you our very own Blacksmith Espresso.

Crafted from the fruits of Guatemala, Tanzania, and Burundi, Blacksmith is a blend that boasts a flavor profile ranging from a deep molasses sweetness to the higher notes of tangerine and citrus. 

Roaster John Letoto eloquently sums it up at its best: "At the very bottom, everything comes together like a candy bar- super complex and intense- sticking on the tongue in a really nice way." So there you have it folks.  If that doesn't tempt you, I'm really at a loss as to what will. 

But although Blacksmith Espresso is now available for purchase and consumption, it won't find its finish here.  As its name implies, this blend will continue to be further forged, molded and refined by our own  industrious "smiths". Stick around for the evolution, as well as many more Quills-crafted roasts.

John has further deep and personal words about his work and success you should definitely read here