Quills Wins America's Best Coffeehouse

Americas Best Coffee House Champs! So proud of these dudes! #coffeefamily #vivalaquills #quillscoffee #kyproud #Chicago #coffeefest #VSCOcam

We're thrilled to announce that Quills won the America's Best Coffeehouse competition at CoffeeFest Chicago. Our team - Kansas Andrade, Joanna Miller, and Cameron Mulvey - served a special curated menu on an on-site café for a panel of judges and trade show goers alike. They were evaluated for beverage quality, customer service, speed, teamwork, and communication.  Their menu included pour-overs of single origin coffees from Burundi and Sulawesi, espresso drinks featuring Quills's Blacksmith Espresso blend, and a special Orange Blossom Shakerato ( a chilled, espresso-based beverage infused with cherry and orange blossom syrup). Topeka, Kansas's PT's Coffee came in second place and Louisville's Vint took third. 

To celebrate, we're offering free shipping on all webstore orders over $15. Just use the code COFFEECHAMPS2K15 when checking out. 

Yo. @quillscoffee. Massivest of congratulations on taking first. In case you didn't catch it the first time, let me say it here: I was impressed. Beautiful work, guys. #Coffee #CoffeeFamily #CoffeeFest #Louisville #Chicago #X100s