Reading Break


Nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than some good reading (we usually recommend paper but since we're already here…). We've gathered a few posts from around the web to keep you in the know and expand the coffee side of your brain. 

Michael Butterworth- gives a recap of CoffeeFest NYC

Darren on Coffee + Beer and Coffee Beer 

You may notice that we've referred to The Coffee Compass blog more than a few times and that's because it's awesome. (And as you know- we are verified, proven, authenticated, certified organic judgers of all things awesome). Truly- it's a few local Louisville coffee geeks who happen to also have quite the penchant with the pen. And one of them (Michael) just happens to be an inspired & inspiring Quills Coffee barista. Go catch up and follow along.  

More fest talk- Chris Elliott from Prima reviews SCAA in Boston

A beautiful view of the Chemex.

An older article on a still growing and spreading concept- coffee on a bike.  We've cycled around the idea of doing it ourselves. What do you think? 

Finally - some oldies but goodies on this very Quills blog:

    Matt Park shares his journey of becoming, being  and loving to be a barista

    This one time Quills was featured in Imbibe Magazine as one of the top places in the South to get caffeinated

     2 1/2 years later these drinks are still among our most popular