Resident Artist Douglas Miller is a Winner

Quills has been lucky enough to have Douglas Miller’s artwork as a rotating exhibit since our new location opened on Baxter Ave. Recently named Louisville’s Best Artist by LEO Weekly’s Readers Choice Awards, Quills is pumped to have Miller’s work recognized. In addition to the rotation of work shown, Miller has a limited series currently on display. In the same vein as his traditional eerily descriptive yet abstract style, Miller has expanded his subject matter.

Inspired by a short story called “The Nose” from 1835, Miller takes creative liberties in his illustrations. Depicting images that are both literal concepts and inspired concepts from the story, he incorporates the ambiguous structure of the story into the ambiguous structure of his drawings. His illusive animal and figurative drawings beckon the viewer to engage the work, to reflect and imagine with the depictions Miller has created.

Miller is also featuring a drawing of an Alligator. Proceeds of this work are going to Louisville music staple Jason Noble who is recovery from a rare type of cancer. Contributing to Noble’s financial situation like many of the city’s musicians and artists that have organized fundraisers and made donations, Miller is doing his part for his dear friend.

So take a moment when enjoying some of Quills fine coffee to take in Miller’s fine work and maybe you’ll give that Gator a home.