The Return of El Eden

  El Eden is back! And its momentous reentry has rivaled in celebration that of the Jedi, Batman and the Living Dead.I mean -it's obvious you guys are crazy excited...

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El Eden is back! And its momentous reentry has rivaled in celebration that of the Jedi, Batman and the Living Dead.

I mean -it's obvious you guys are crazy excited

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You even set up beautiful scenes to display this cherished roast.

For those of you that weren't around for our discovery of this amazing coffee last year - or need a refresher - please take a look at the post we wrote then

In Summary - we spoke of meeting Robert Delgado and learning of his small start-up Tiger Orchid Coffee with its dedication to under-resourced farmers in Mexico - shortening the links in the typical distribution chain between a coffee roaster and the farms who produce it. Delgado discovered the El Eden Co-op in the Guerrero State of Mexico, sharing his passion for strong relationships and a committed investment in top-notch coffee quality. 

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El Eden is a dry processed coffee which means that the seed dries in the cherry rather than being immediately removed and washed. The results are amazing which was further proven when it was selected to be a part of Craft Coffee's subscription box last September (which was a pretty big deal. Make sure to read that post to find out more)

Fast forward to this year...We knew we had to have it in our line-up again. Tiger Orchid has been working hard to continue improving all of their processes so that they can make the coffee even more consistent and stellar. Quills has a lot more specific farmer traceability this year which allows us to really give more directed feedback to Roberto to bolster what's working and correct what's not. They also are experimenting with raised bed drying (as opposed to patio) which enables us to give some feedback on those particular bags. 

In the broader view: El Eden is really the first coffee that Quills is striving to feature year after year, extending our involvement in what happens in production more than we ever have before. We are so excited to see this relationship continue.

AND... in the spirit of celebrating our second year selling this fantastic coffee we're giving away a bag of El Eden! All you have to do to enter is go to our Facebook page and "like" and "share" the photo you'll see displayed on our wall (it looks like the one below). We'll announce a winner Wednesday, 6PM EST. Sorry, but US only.

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