Travel: Big Apple Coffee Business


Spent this past weekend in New York City.  Love that town.  So much to do, so little time.  Most of the weekend was wrapped up in networking with several other entrepreneurs, but when we got the chance we slipped out to take in the urban energy and scope out some favorite coffee joints.  The newish Stumptown Coffee in the first floor of The Ace Hotel, brings Portland coffee goodness to Manhattan.  They feature great espresso and smooth style (latte pic above).  Gimme Coffee also had amazing drinks.  The triple basket ristretto shot they're pulling is bold without harshness and the lattes were silky full flavor sweetness.  I loved these two great coffee spots, but I had hoped to hit a few more.  There are about ten more shops on my original list that we couldn't squeeze in, and few more suggested by folks while we were there.  Oh well, twist my arm, I suppose another trip will need to be scheduled.  

"If you can make it there..."