Travel: Windy City Coffee Extravaganza

Quills baristas love Chicago, it’s true. When we make a getaway to the Windy City, what else could we do but venture to some of the finest coffee establishments in the country? One of our favorite hot spots is the infamous Intelligentsia Coffee. With multiple locations around the city, it’s easy to locate a spot near a Chicago fun time destination. A real inspiration to aspiring espresso bars, the high quality and attention Intelligentsia pays to coffee is unparalleled. Aiming equally for high quality coffee roasting, barista training and shop experience, Intelli gives specialty coffee shops a run for their money. On any random visit an array of high quality, delicious beans can be found for purchase, a barista champ on bar to deliver, and a cozy yet classy atmosphere to take it all in. Chicago coffee win.

But Intelligentsia isn’t the only shop in town we love. Star Lounge on Chicago Ave is also a favorite. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that love talking one-on-one about their air roasting process, their hand selected goodies and methods of brewing, this unassuming shop is a real gem. Pulling ristretto shots for their espresso drinks, or a short, thicker extraction, Star Lounge adds a twist to traditional espresso bar standards.

Kickstand, a small espresso bar located on the edge of Boystown on Belmont Ave, is a bright spot in the colorful neighborhood. The bright blue walls and colorful paintings are a different twist to the typical brown and whites of coffee shops that adds to the fun atmosphere of the shop. Serving Metropolis coffee, another Chicago favorite, this shop does the high quality coffee justice.

Slinging espresso is a fun but tough gig. All hale fellow baristas, much love to you.