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UofL Laurie White's animal portraits bring a warmth and joy to the UofL Cafe that cannot help but bring a smile to your face. Laurie received her B.F.A in painting and B.A....

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Laurie White's animal portraits bring a warmth and joy to the UofL Cafe that cannot help but bring a smile to your face. Laurie received her B.F.A in painting and B.A. in graphic design from Western Kentucky University. After graduation, she returned to her native Louisville, KY, where she currently works as a freelance portrait artist, fine artist, and illustrator. Her pieces explore the figure through both acrylic and digital painting. On display in our cafe are a variety of dog and cat breeds. You can find more of her work at upcoming Flea Off Market venues, her Etsy store (LaurieMKWhite), or her website (www.lauriemwhite.com). She also does custom portraits of the special furry friend in your life. 


We are excited to celebrate Alex O'Nan's anniversary with the railroad this month by showing a series of his photographs from his journies. Here is what Alex has to say about "Exhibit A."

This collection of photographs is a documentation of my career as a railroad conductor to date. Over the last 15 years, I have tried to photograph a different side of trains, one that is not just loud or intrusive on your commute, but one that shows the fascinating beauty of these giant things you rarely think about that move everything all the time.

Early on in my railroad career, an engineer on the brink of retirement advised me to always keep a camera with me because things change so quickly. I followed his advice, and found the changes do come quickly, not just to the railroad itself but also to the world around it. One thing that attracted me to the railroad in the first place was the oddity of a giant string of steel powering through quiet, undisturbed landscapes and crowded cities alike, and while the work may seem monotonous to some, I am continually compelled to capture these strong and steady machines against the ever-changing landscapes.

New Albany

Fiber art by the lovely Leaves & Linen are brightening up our New Albany Cafe. Leaves & Linen grew from the love of art in it’s many mediums shared between two women who met one another at the beginning of their college careers - Katey Lacroix, an artist from Georgia turned Louisvillian, and Ashley Donahue, a Louisville native and Quills barista. It all began one winter when Ashley stumbled across a vintage macrame book her grandmother had kept tucked away in her closet for nearly 50 years. She immediately fell in love with the intricate, beautiful patterns the pieces held. Together, Ashley and Katey decided to combine both vintage and modern elements of this forgotten craft by creating their own pieces. Eventually, the two decided to open up their own online shop and today their work can be found in many shops in the Louisville area including Mahonia Studio, Mabel & Moss, True North. They are always trying to learn and grow with their craft, incorporating new things into their pieces in an effort to create truly unique works of art with modern twists.


All art will be up through May. For more information on purchasing or displaying artwork, you can email our art coordinator, Joanna Miller, at info@quillscoffee.com. You can also talk to your lovely baristas, who can help you purchase the pieces you see on display.

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