Inkwell | House Blend
Inkwell | House Blend - 12 oz - QuillsCoffee
Inkwell | House Blend - 12 oz - QuillsCoffee

Inkwell | House Blend

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Inkwell has quickly become a favorite for many of our customers. This house blend has something for everyone, but it’s not just a simple crowd-pleaser. This blend represents everything we are proud to showcase in our coffees: care in production, intentional sourcing, and a roaster’s unique touch, all balanced in a complex, delicate dance. It’s proof that blending doesn’t mean watering down quality.

Current Coffees: Huehuetenango, Guatemala; Cajamarca, Peru; Narino, Colombia.

We taste: Cane sugar, cherry, vanilla.

Bag size: 12oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Lesley Turba
Inkwell House Blend

Unable to share my thoughts on this coffee as I still have not received the delivery.

Inkwell, House Blend

It is a very good coffee, second time we bought. It is very mild and easy to drink.

Jeff Schepper

Inkwell is one of my all time favorites. The night owl that I also purchased is ok.

Delicious and comforting.

This was one of the sweetest coffees I've ever had. It is one of the few in which the tasting notes really reflect what's in the cup. The notes of sugar and vanilla really burst out, with that cherry-like acidity holding the balance. Fantastic brew in any method!

Bryan Beach
A classic that never disappoints

We all know that there are hundreds of delicious coffees out there, but nothing is as satisfying, comforting, and consistent as Inkwell. It's like my warm blanket.