Now Roasting: Ethiopia, Kayon Mountain

Ethiopian coffee has a special place in our hearts at Quills, and for good reason. Coffea Arabica is indigenous to Ethiopia and the country is still home to over 95% of the coffee's genetic diversity. These heirloom varieties produce a flavor profile like no other. The best examples have a distinctive floral aroma with complex citrus acidity. Our baristas and customers alike look forward to Ethiopian coffee season year round, and we're pleased to release our latest offering. 

Kayon Mountain is an estate farm owned by Ato Esmael and his family. Located in the Guji zone of Ethiopia, this estate utilizes many biodynamic farming practices, including organic fertilizer and crop diversity. Their attention to detail is evident in the consistency and quality of this lot. We taste orange cream with a lavender bouquet and soft black tea-like tannins. It's a complex, dynamic cup of coffee that is as intellectually stimulating as it is enjoyable. We're also pleased to be serving Kayon Mountain on single origin espresso this month. 

When brewing at home, don't be surprised if your brew times are a little longer than other coffees. But don't be concerned: you're going to want to extract as much of this beautiful coffee as possible!